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Things to keep in mind when using sound absorbing panels

Covid19 has led to lockdown. Most people have started working from home. It has its own set of benefits like saving on the commute time and being able to work in your sweats if you choose to do so. However working at home has also many challenges such as being bombarded by sounds from outside. The distraction of the kids playing outside or noisy neighbours can drive anyone insane. Even if you close the doors and the windows you might still be hearing people talking loudly and the commotion on the street. This is why it is best if you considered the use of sound absorbing panels for your home office.

Sound waves can easily travel through materials like metal and wood. However even if the walls of your home are well built they would not be able to completely eliminate the sound. The solution is to incorporate the use of sound dampening object and materials. These in turn can absorb the sound wave and can prevent them from getting a bit too irritating.

Simple ways to make use of sound absorbing panels

The first thing you need to do in order to soundproof your home completely is to swap a hollow door with a solid one. Once the door is in place you might want to place a seal under the door which can completely dampen the sound if it is leaking from under the door. You can even further reduce the noise by installing weather-stripping around the slides and on the top of the door.

Any holes or gaps in the wall coming from the outlets or the can allow the sound to originate to the other side of the wall. You can start by sealing the holes with caulk in order to reduce the amount of noise entering the office.

Another way of damping the noise is to install acoustic panels on the walls in your home office. With the help of Acoustic panels you can also improve the aesthetics of space and at the same time reduce the noise in the room. Sound waves can bounce in the room when it comes into contact with hard flooring such as style on laminate. You might consider wanting to install a carpet to provide some kind of sound diffusion. On the other hand throw rug which is thick and soft would be able to absorb the noise and reduce the resounding effect.

If your home office is in the basement the sounds from overhead can be quite overwhelming. You may want to consider a permanent sound reduction by installing a drop ceiling or filling the space between the old and the new ceiling with high density insulation. This can create an instantly quiet space where you can work without being bothered by all the noise.

Although working from home can present its own set of challenges, when you make use of the above mentioned soundproofing tips you would be able to get the necessary work done without being bothered by the noise.

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