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The recipe for the perfect lawn? Tall grass and less water, word of an expert

While the Food, not Lawns movement gains support in America, which transforms lawns into vegetable gardens, in the beautiful country home grass is the subject of such anxieties that it is increasingly being replaced with synthetic grass, or pure … plastic. What is worrying is the maniacal care and the disproportionate consumption of water that a home green lawn would require. The recipe for the perfect lawn, says agronomist Riccardo Dal Fiume, one of Italy’s most esteemed experts on lawns, exists: the right seed, a high cut and much less water than we think …

You can’t play or enjoy the sun in the garden and, if you replace the lawn with ground cover plants, you can’t walk on it, Daniela. So a lawn area cannot be replaced with something else. Surely the way we have to take care of the green in recent years is changing: the care of the lawn, like the whole garden, now has to deal with climate change, which requires a rationalization of maintenance in an ecological key, moreover imposed by the new ones. regulations.

But I’ll tell you that today the lawn makes more sense than ever. And indeed, it must be re-evaluated. Scientific studies confirm that lawns in cities offer ecosystem benefits comparable to those that trees give us. They also perform a social function and have an important psychological impact. And speaking of costs, it is not true that the lawn needs a lot of water, fertilizers and pesticides. The key is to sow the right species and embrace proper management.

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